Mean, Median, Mode & Range Task Cards
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Task Cards
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Task Cards
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Task Cards
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Mean, Median, Mode & Range Task Cards

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These task cards can be utilized in numerous ways in a classroom to help a student have a better grasp on mean, median, mode & range. There is a variety of sets ranging from 8-15 numbers per task card. The answer key is a great tool as well; practice mean, median, mode & range all at once or break it up a topic at a time.

*24 Task Cards 
*Blank Answer Key 
*Completed Answer Key 
*Suggested Directions

Task cards are a great tool to use in the classroom. Here are a few ideas of how you can utilize these task cards in your classroom. A good idea is to cut out your task cards and laminate them to use them again and again! 

**Place one task card at each desk in classroom and have students rotate every 2 minutes (more or less, depending on topic) and complete the problem. Using a stop watch, song or buzzer.
**Place task card problems onto a board. Each student will go up to the board and grab the one they need, answer the problem and return it to the board when complete. Grab another and complete all task cards until answer key is full. A musical chair type of idea.
**Use a set or part of a set of task cards as a station activity and rotate stations.
**Students work in pairs the same task cards, compare answer and then move onto the next problem. 
**Student completes all task cards as a worksheet, packet or review and then turn in the answer key. 
**Play around the world style game where students compete to answer the problem the quickest and accurately. 


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