Subtracting Integers "Do-Si-Do" Find & Match Activity
Subtracting Integers "Do-Si-Do" Find & Match Activity
Subtracting Integers "Do-Si-Do" Find & Match Activity
Subtracting Integers "Do-Si-Do" Find & Match Activity
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Subtracting Integers "Do-Si-Do" Find & Match Activity

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A fun and moving activity! These problems can be used in multiple uses, depending on your students, you can decide how you would like to utilize them. These problems are all only subtracting integers which are broken up into three parts. The original problem, "Keep, Change, Change" problem and the answer. There is an blank answer key where students can write the problems down and use as a reference for practice and notes as well. Enjoy this great activity to get students moving and to practice subtracting integers! 

Here are a few suggestions of how you can utilize these problems: 
** Use as a whole class activity - hand out a piece to each student and have them find their partners. Collect the pieces, shuffle and start again. 
** Break up into small groups and have students sort out all pieces to find the matches. 
** Individually have students work and sort out all 24 problems. 
** Use these for stations – each station has a few problems and have students rotate between stations. 
** Use music as a start and stop to find partners. That way students are not spending minutes upon minutes trying to find one another. It keeps class running smoothly. 

Printing these problems off and having them laminated can be used year after year. 

*24 Problems (72 pieces) 
*Blank Answer Key 
*Completed Answer Key 


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